24 December, 2015

2015 GotY - Part 1

This year there are quite a few GotY contenders. I didn't get to play all the ones I wanted, though, as game prices are so high. It's crazy. I know it takes a lot to make them, but geez. Well, right off the bat we'll give a list of those games which have a chance, to me, of being the GotY. As usual, I only list games I've played, and games I think have what it takes. If you feel a game isn't on here that should be, make your own blog post about it.

Bloodborne - PS4
The Witcher 3: Wild HuntPS4
Until Dawn - PS4
Soma - PS4
Assassin's Creed Syndicate - PS4
Fallout 4 - PS4

I suppose we can tell what machine I've been gaming on the most this year. This is because a) my PC died in several ways, and it would cost a lot to put back together, and b) I'm enjoying my PS4, and don't really see a need for repairing my PC. Well then, let these contenders sit for a bit, and I'll be back later this week for an in depth going over.

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