06 November, 2012

Third Platinum

Today I got my platinum in Borderlands. This platinum is for the main game, not DLC, but it gave me the plat anyway, which is nice. Working on the DLC now. On the 360 version I played the Hunter and did everything on him, but on the ps3 version I tried out the Siren. I don't like her at all so when I beat the game, I started again as the Hunter and things went a lot better. Siren is fucking easy mode incarnate :( Not in a good way. I always have preferred the Hunter/Ranger/Sniper anyway. I'm happy about this plat... took some effort and time. Third platinum trophy for the ps3. Nice times.


  1. awesome stuff well done on your 3rd Platinum :)

    I prefer the Hunter as well.
    I am on the verge of doing a playthrough of Borderlands myself, soon as I've finished up with the few games i am busy with at the moment.
    It's a real shame that I don't have a PS3 :(
    these Trophy/Achievements are a really nice thing to work towards in games IMHO.

    Congratulations! on your Third Platinum! :D

  2. Thank you. Yea I don't look at trophies/achievements as status or points, but more as things to do in a game. Some of these things I wouldn't know about if a trophy/achievement hadn't pointed it out. It's a road map, but it's also nice to have that little score being kept :)